Robyn Finley

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Robyn Finley
01 Jun 1993
London, England
Professor of Transfiguration, Hogwarts
28,0 cm chestnut wood and dragon heartstring
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The Librarian's Desk
Status ◈ Unavailable
Robyn is the local Half-Veela librarian of Hogwarts, her first day was October 2nd, 2020 coming in a little late into the school year but still eager to serve the population. There is something particularly captivating, possibly alluring about her. Maybe it's the fact that she's new. Maybe it's the fact that she looks like she could be a student. She does everything in her power to hide the Half-Veela part of her, but nothing with hide the effects that the race holds.

If found in the library she is in control, calm, and collected. Often offering wise words for students that seem to wander the towering shelves of knowledge as they seek themselves out within it. She's often found flittering around the library, always moving, always doing something. An idle librarian was no good in her mind. Outside of the library she is clumsy, anxious, unsure. Outside of the familiar stories that she has grown accustomed to she fumbles often. This is why unless it is a meal time or heading to her housing at the end of the day, she is rarely found outside of the library.
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