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Haley Rose
11 Jun 2009
London, England
Second year, Quidditch player, Gryffindor
25,8 cm chestnut wood and dragon heartstring
Haley was born in Dublin in the summer of 2009, where she spent the first 5 years of her life until her parents decided to move back to London. Her mother is also a witch and her father a Muggle.

At birth her parents decided not to tell her about the magic world until it was clear whether she was a witch or not.

When Haley was four, she first realized that she was different. At least this is her first event she could remember. She was in kindergarten and lying in a meadow full of little flowers. She always felt very comfortable outdoors and in nature and could spend hours and hours with the beauty of all kinds of plants.

As she lay on the meadow she noticed a daisy that was so much bigger than the usual ones around her. A boy from her kindergarten noticed Haley staring at this flower and came up to her and trampled this one flower and ran away laughing. Haley looked sadly at the crushed flower. She was so lost in thought and wished that this flower could bloom again and hardly realized that the flower was slowly regaining its old shape.

Since this event, unusual things have happened more and more often, things that were often so banal and unremarkable that they were hardly noticeable.

The older she got, the more consciously she took it in and her parents also noticed it. Haley was already 6 years old when she first heard about witches and wizards. Since then she has immersed herself so much in this world. She absorbed her mother's stories from the magical world at every opportunity and started reading about it at a very young age.

All her life she could hardly wait for her letter from Hogwarts and the day she finally received it, tears rolled down her cheek in joy.

Haley has long, slightly wavy, orange hair that reaches to her belly button. She has the light skin and a lot of freckles on her face of her father and the big green eyes of her mother. Otherwise she hardly looked like her parents with her little snub nose and pouty mouth.

She is always very obliging and is very helpful to other people. She radiates a lot of joy of life and has a lot of nonsense in her head. Her hearty but also crazy laughter often suffers to laugh along with her - more about her strange noises, what her laughter should be, than about the joke. On the other hand Haley is also very sensitive and emotional. She feels the suffering of others when she sees it and feels the pain. She is also very sensitive herself and often thinks too much about what is said.