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Kit Paine
13 Mar 1991
Hogsmeade, Scotland
Caretaker, Hogwarts
Blue Morpho Butterfl
21,8 cm acacia wood and unicorn hair
Name: Kit Paine

Personality: Confident, detached, outgoing, uninhibited, understanding, evasive, optimistic, and seems to have no sense of personal boundaries

Interests: Sketching, story-telling, listening, talking, organizing, cleaning, reading, and finding out more about others

Appearance: Kit is 6'3" or 190.5cm tall with a lean, lanky build. His complexion is olive-tan due to a combination of Asian Indian and Filipino heritage. He has thick, black, wavy hair that's around chin-length and is generally swept back from his face. He has heterochromatic eyes with his right being bright aqua blue and his left being so dark brown that it almost looks black. He also has a pair of tattoos on his face - a symmetrical set of bright, aqua blue swirls - with one under each eye at the crest of his cheekbones. Kit is also commonly seen with silver nails, fingerless gloves, a bright blue collar, several silver earrings in each ear, and a near-constant Cheshire Cat grin.

Background: Not much is known about Kit; at least not on paper. However, it might be a different story if you ask him.

What is known about him is that he was born and raised in the United States of America in a first-generation Asian-American household. He is a No-Maj-born (Muggle-born) wizard who was sent a letter to be enrolled in the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry once he came of age. There he learned the craft of magic as part of the Wampus house and eventually graduated.

Further background regarding Kit's family is difficult to find and it is suspected that this may be because Kit changed his legal name upon graduating and moving away from his family. It has been rumored that his No-Maj parents were the practical sort of people who did not approve of the use of magic and also did not want Kit going to Ilvermorny when his letter was received. However, due to Kit's increased inability to control his magic, it is said they soon relented and unwillingly allowed him to attend.

Nevertheless, Kit's parents were likely displeased with the life he would probably lead after graduation due to the kind of education he received. It can thus be assumed that graduation was the point at which Kit distanced himself from his family, taking on a new name and identity in the process.

Why, then, did he apply for a position at Hogwarts as Caretaker and move into Hogsmeade, Scotland, as soon as he was able? Rumor has it that the very year he applied for the position - a year that the school was also strongly suspected of being under attack by one or more hag covens in disguise - a sibling of his was registered to attend Hogwarts as well.

It can thus be assumed that the attendance of this sibling at Hogwarts is something Kit intends to oversee in order to make sure as little harm as possible comes to his younger family member. Unfortunately, due to the likelihood that Kit changed his name upon breaking ties with his family, it is difficult to determine by surname who among the student body might be his rumored sibling...if, indeed, he has only one...or even if he actually has any sibling at all.

Underage Magic: When Kit was very young, his mother had needed to go into her office on a Saturday. Her husband was working on a project in the garage with power tools and other things unsuitable for small children to be around. Thus, she opted to take Kit with her to her office for an hour or two.

Kit had fun exploring the office, but when his mother had him sit in one place where she could watch him and make sure he would behave while she tried to do her work, he quickly grew bored. Noticing this, his mother gave him a paper and a black sharpie marker - the only marker she had at her very practical desk as an accountant - and told him to draw quietly until she was finished.

Well, Kit did as he was told and quietly drew while sitting where he could be watched. When his mother was finished with her work and ready to head home, Kit showed her his drawings. She did a double-take, glancing at them once briefly and then looking again, realizing something was peculiar.

Though Kit had only been given a black sharpie marker to draw with, his drawings were made up of all sorts of colors; every color under the rainbow. When asked what he had used to draw, Kit simply held up the single marker she had given him, confused as to why his mother seemed so shocked and distraught.

The bewildered woman tried using the marker herself, but it only drew black. When she asked Kit how he had made the marker color different colors, he simply shrugged and told her he'd just changed it. And when she tried to get him to draw with the marker again, willing him to show her exactly how he'd changed it, he told her didn't feel like drawing any more and that he wanted to go home as she'd told them they could once she was finished with work.

Perplexed, Kit's mother chalked up the strange occurrence to having been working too hard and not having had enough sleep. Kit's father, once told of the phenomenon, assured his wife that Kit had probably just got into someone else's markers in another cubicle or something and put them back before she'd noticed. Neither parent decided to think much on the matter anymore, preferring to believe there was a perfectly logical explanation for such unnatural events like that, even if they didn't know what that explanation was themselves.

It wasn't until Kit received his invitation to attend school at Ilvermorny that his parents were forced to think that maybe the case of the changing-color sharpie marker wasn't as easily explained away as they'd hoped it had been.