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Julian Pritchard
05 Dec 2008
Edinburgh, Scotland
Third year, Duelling Co-Captain, Hufflepuff
24,6 cm mayhaw wood and phoenix feather
Julian is a spindly boy with glasses, brown eyes and brown hair. He is a very earnest and very curious kid. The only child of two muggle academic researchers (his mother is a historian; his father is a physicist), he's been brought up to value learning above most things, and he spends a significant amount of his time reading and observing the world around him. He's especially fascinated by animals and often prefers their company to that of other people.

While his parents have always encouraged him to be friendly and polite, his social skills are occasionally lacking and he can come across as standoffish. He doesn't always know how to interact with his peers aside from asking (sometimes inappropriate) questions or spouting facts that he deems interesting, which means that he often spends a lot of time alone. He is never purposefully unkind, however; in fact, he is quite compassionate. There are few things that will move him to action quicker than seeing someone else in distress, even if he doesn't know quite what to do.

Julian was born in Edinburgh, shortly after his parents moved there to pursue their research. His first display of magic occurred relatively young. He was seven, playing with the calculator on his dad's phone, when he dropped it. Instead of crashing against the floor, the phone froze a couple of inches away from the ground, where it could be retrieved safely by his dad. His father, a man of science and perpetually overworked, decided that his tired mind must've simply imagined the floating phone. This denial persisted for several years until Julian received his letter from Hogwarts, and while his dad has since been forced to accept that what was going on with his son was distinctly magical, he's become quite unsettled at the sudden upending of everything he thought he knew about the fundamental workings of the world. This leaves Julian of two minds about attending Hogwarts; he's both quite excited to find out more about the magical world (an attitude his mum is encouraging of), but worried that his dad--with whom he's always been very close--disapproves.