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Ivar Eide
Wizard born
Jæren, Norway
Professor of Care of Magical Creatures, Hogwarts
25,4 cm cherry wood and dragon heartstring
Ivar is tall and rather lanky built, but he is strong in a sinewy kind of way. He cares little for what he looks like, and can therefore often be seen walking in very worn and often muddy or dusty clothes. His hair is unkempt and is starting to thin out in his ever older age. He often paints parts of his face with different kinds of herbal salves he makes himself. This is a ritualistik way of enhancing one's senses, whether it actually works or not is uncertain, but Ivar believes it does, so he keeps doing it.

Ivar is heavily tattooed with nordic runes and signs, all to ward off different kinds of evil magic and bad luck, and also to enhance his luck and abilities. It is with this too uncertain if it actually enhances anything, or if it’s just religious nonsense.

He usually always has with him a thick work knife that functines from everything to dig up plants from the dirt to cut off a piece of bread for a quick lunch.
He also usually wears carved wooden talismans, most of which are carved from wand wood.

Ivar laughs often, and come off as a bit intense or unnerving at times. This is however mostly his mannerism and he is very caring and protective over his wards or the animals in his care.