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Dealla Prince
10 Jun 2008
Whitehaven, England
Fourth year, Duelling Captain, Writer, Prefect of Ravenclaw
27,0 cm cherry wood and phoenix feather
Being the result of the very scandalous relationship between the last heir of the old, honorable and very stuck-up pure-blood line of the family Creek and - of all people! - a muggle-born witch called Alexandra Prince - Dealla’s entrance into the wizarding world was bound to be interesting, to say the least. Her father, Jonathan Creek, was supposed to be the obedient, loyal, family ideals upholding son her grandparents had raised him as - but then he graduated from school, chose to become a healer, and strictly refused to marry the suitable pureblooded girl his parents had chosen for him. Instead, he had a daughter with Alexandra - illegitimately, to top things off!
So, Dealla’s childhood has been rather normal - if your paternal grandparents using all their considerable connections in the wizarding world to make life difficult for your parents and force your father to leave you and your mother and return to them, can be considered normal.
But her parents persevered, and that aside, her life has been peaceful. So far.

Dealla is a petite girl with piercing blue eyes and a mouth that gets the best of her sometimes - some times too often, her mother would say. She grew up in a town near the coast called Whitehaven, in England, which is predominantly inhabited by Muggles, since her father’s parents have made her family’s life in the wizarding world rather hard. Still, she has grown up with magic being used around the house to clean, to cook, and to make things easier in general, and with her mother humming to herself while meticulously stirring ingredients into her newest batch of Calming Draught or Burning Bitterroot Balm - which Dealla both detested and needed much too regularly.
Needless to say, Dealla has always been aware of magic, and her parents had their hands full trying to keep their neighbors from becoming just as aware when Dealla’s magic started manifesting in temper tantrums that, on one occasion, turned their cat blue. The neighbors stayed blissfully unaware, in the end. The cat stayed blue.

She is not a big fan of her name, by the way. You can call her Dee.