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Damion White
Wizard born
09 Aug 2008
Gresford, Wales
Fourth year, Quidditch player, Ravenclaw
33,5 cm chestnut wood and phoenix feather
I was born to Mr. James and Mrs. Kiara White on the wonderful August Evening of 9th in the year 2008. I am a wonderful soul to be around with my hazel eyes and natural brown hair. I have nice baby pink lips, and a cute smile. I love the idea of getting a tattoo but my parents think I am too young for that. Anyways, for now maybe I am. I have curly brown hair.

Well I love reading books and as the only child I was encouraged by my parents to indulge in reading books and playing with my neighbors. I am a very outgoing kid and love to spend my time outside exploring my small town and trying to find small mischiefs to get into. I love causing trouble- well not serious trouble but well some small troubles.

Once when I was five, I had fallen in a ditch while playing hide and seek with my friends. My friend Mike told my parents that I was no where to be found and frantic about me, they searched the area where I was playing with my friends and soon found me in an uncovered ditch. I was grateful that I was found other wise I was not sure what I would have done. It was a little too deep for me to climb up.

When I was six, I had joined the local Scout program. I dreamt to be a leader. But I had the highest Scout points. It was all due to my my dedication and hard work. I found out that day that I had a trait of making kids listen to me and follow what I say. In short, I had the traits of being in the front line.

I was a little under eight when I accidentally removed the glass from the Aquarium. The glass that was facing me, and all the fishes were on the ground. Frightened by it I told my parents about it and that's when I understood what my parents have always told me about being magical.

By the time I was eight, I had started reading and writing. I had discovered my passion for writing by then. I used to write stuff that would make my parents drop their jaws in shock of how good I had written it considering my age.

I used to help my mum when she baked stuff for my birthdays and or for other occasions. I think I developed the sense of decorating sugary goodies. My mother would gather my friends and we'd decorate the sugary good as a party trick, though my mum would do all the baking so me and my friends wouldn't hurt ourselves.

It was only matter of some three years before I would be getting my own letter. And like clockwork my letter came as I was eleven. I was very overjoyed and rushed here to see what house I get into and what adventures Hogwarts holds for me.