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Fiona Williams
York, England
Second year, Gryffindor
31,3 cm chestnut wood and phoenix feather
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Fiona Williams is the daughter of English Slytherin Charlie Cataras and Irish Ravenclaw Violet Williams. Fiona's parents first met at Hogwarts in their fifth year during a Slytherin versus Ravenclaw quidditch match. Violet was a Ravenclaw chaser while Charlie was a Slytherin chaser. They got married two years after graduating and Violet moved from Ireland to York in England to live with Charlie. Fiona has two older brothers, Aidan and Ronan, who were both sorted into Ravenclaw, an older sister, Quinn, who was sorted into Slytherin, and one younger sister called Dorothy (Dot). The whole family lives in a small house on the edge of the city.

Fiona's first instance where she showed magical traits was when she was four years old. It was a Friday night and the whole family was sitting around the circular table of their small dining room. Much to Fiona's disliking her mother had made a pea soup for dinner. When her father tried to feed her the soup she screamed a very high pitched scream. She pushed her bowl off the table but when her father tried to pick it back up the bowl flew out of his hands and smashed onto the kitchen wall.

Fiona Williams has long orange hair that reaches her mid back and freckles all across her face, both of which she inherited from her Irish mother. But Fiona inherits her deep brown eyes from her father. She is rather small for her age but she makes up for it with her ambitious and loud personality. Fiona has never been the type of person to stray away from adventure. She has always looked up to her magical parents and siblings and would spend her time in the woods by her house playing with her make shift stick wand pretending to defend Hogwarts from dark and evil creatures and people. She has always loved learning about magical creatures and hearing her parents quidditch stories. She is intelligent like her mother but is not the best at remembering or being organized so she always carries around a remebrall that her brother gave her.