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Flash Holmwood
17 Feb 2008
Durham, England
Second year, Quidditch player, Slytherin
26,5 cm hornbeam wood and dragon heartstring
See encyclopedia entry for more detailed information
Kind and polite to strangers. Cool and collected around acquaintances. A long con manipulator to those who know him well. Flash is friendly, with a strong sense of justice, but beneath the smiling façade he seeks to know everyone's darkest secrets. He has a mind that craves a constant flow of information, and he feels certain of his privilege to it. While his true goal is the betterment of the world, and the happiness of others, his methods generally involve taking control of other peoples' lives and rearranging things to fit his impossible ideal. He also sees himself as a chess piece to be used towards his goals, and struggles to feel a sense of identity or self-worth outside his accomplishments and the validation of others.

He knows a good deal about the magical world, but has a practical, realistic mind that makes it hard for him to grasp magical concepts. He often relies on his ability to learn and deduct rather than look for a magical solution to a problem, though with age he has given a great deal more effort to be more capable of defending himself with it. He also uses his words and knowledge of human behavior to draw people to him and delegate tasks to them appropriately. Because of this he is able to diffuse intense situations and solve complex problems, though often at his own expense.
Being flattered/praised, helpful/generous/ kind people, friendly competition, art/ literature/ music/ dance (or any passionate pursuit), secrets/ unsolved mysteries/mystery and detective novels, feeling in control/ secure, nature/ being outdoors/ floral smells, sports/ spectating
Being insulted/ ignored, his time being wasted, dark, small spaces, being locked in a room, being monitored/ watched, repetitive/ meaningless tasks/ a task with no known benefit, talking about his family, avoidable injustice, people who mean to do harm to others, being made to confront his flaws/ weaknesses (good luck with that), being uncomfortable, himself
Flash has a big family that live in a mansion in the middle of nowhere. They are people of high social status and exuberant wealth. Most of their money is linked to a history in the thoroughbred horse industry, but with his oldest brother Valerius they have moved on to charity and social justice reform as well.

Flash does not particularly like horses, his birth name, or his family's reputation and wealth. He is the second-to-youngest Holmwood, and feels as though he has nothing of value to contribute to the family. Despite that, he loves and respects them and only hopes to live up to their expectations. Their wealth and standing works in both the realms of muggles and magic, but most of Flash's upbringing was of a rich muggle kid in private school, where he had no friends outside the companionship of his football teammates.