Heather Blair Moretti

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Heather Blair Moretti
Edinburgh, Scotland
First year, Ravenclaw
25,5 cm chestnut wood and dragon heartstring
Additional information
Her first magical accident came days after she had moved to Edinburgh. Still mourning her father, Heather couldn't control her emotions well. This being said, while she was reading her father's diary, she started crying, being overcome by emotions. Suddenly, the book that was just seconds ago in her hands exploded!

Edina, Heather's mother, knew at that moment that her daughter was going to follow her husband's footsteps, so she told her everything she knew about the world of wizards. Thus, Heather's sadness turned into pride, realizing that the magic replaced the connection lost with her father. And so, Heather's future at Hogwarts was forever decided.

Alex Moretti and his wife, Edina, share 4 beautiful girls, Heather being one of them. She is an 11-year old girl, curious like her mother and cheerful like her father. Alex Moretti, of Italian descent, tragically died when Blair was 5, leaving her mother alone with her 4 children. She then moved from Italy to Scotland, Edinburgh specifically, her hometown. Edina is not a wizard, but her husband was, therefore their children are all half-bloods. Inevitably, they will all pass the front doors of Hogwarts, sooner or later.

Tall, just like her father, Heather, only eleven, is standing already at a height of 165 centimeters. Her long, blonde hair is usually let freely around her face, giving her an aura of maturity and royalty. Her bright smile was a contrast to her sad, ocean-blue eyes. She carries herself with grace and elegance, keeping her head up high in every situation.


njoying fine arts, the girl had done ballet and ice skating at a young age. She loves painting, too, and although she isn’t excelling, she enjoys expressing herself through faint colors and shapes. She is courageous and prefers getting herself in trouble, to protect her friends or family. She is a logical, practical person, who loves learning and teaching other people. Though, she likes danger, getting voluntarily in trouble and gets easily bored by monotony. She loves exploring and doesn’t mind getting lost in unknown places.

Rarely showing her dark side, the girl can be angered when she sees injustice or bullying. She can be vengeful and mean if she is angered or someone hurts her loved ones. Sometimes, she is bossy, but only with people, she doesn't like. She isn’t afraid to speak up if it is for a good cause.