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Percival Gray
St Ives, England
Third year, Slytherin
34,0 cm yew wood and phoenix feather
Percival was born in the small city of St Ives in the county of Cornwall, England. It was located along the cost of the island, and had quite a small population of muggles. His family lived on the outskirts in a mansion, which was well out of the way of any curious muggle that wished to snoop in on them. The property was well over 100 years old and had been passed down the Gray family from previous generations, surviving the great muggle and wizard wars that had come and go. Elias Gray, Percivals father, worked for the ministry in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. While his mother, Primrose Gray, worked in the courtrooms of the ministry. She never really talked much about her specific job, so it wasn't entirely known what she did. She was also Born in Ireland to a well known pure-blood family.

The boy had quite a serious demeanour and attitude towards things, mostly due to his parents "no nonsense" attitude from day one. They made sure to raise up the best they could, teaching him various skills along the way in preparation for the journey ahead. One of these skills was to be fearless and confident with whatever you did, being scared of the unknown and worrying would only show fear to those around you. His mother would also teach Gaelic, the native tongue of Ireland whenever she had spare time off work, something of which she insisted for him to learn. However, there was something else they taught him from a young age, the distrust of muggles. His parents were not fond of muggles at all, nor did they like to be around them. Since they both worked for the ministry, views of them had to be kept to themselves, but that didn’t stop them from expressing their views elsewhere, especially to their child Percival.

His first magic apparition came when he was aged 9, a day which he tried to lock in the back of his mind and forget about. However, it seemed to stay in his mind, as if it left a scar mentally. One of his best friends, Mason Silverling had passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. He wasn't told the cause of his death, nor the reason why they told him a few days after his passing. When they eventually sat him down and told him the news, Percival almost went ballistic. Everyone had their breaking point, and this was one event that pushed him over the edge. No one in his family had bothered to tell him of his friends condition, they didn't even give him the chance to say goodbye. At this moment strange things started to happen. A lamp beside him started to float, and shake violently from the force that was guiding it. Primrose and Elias were surprised, it was the first time their son had shown magical capabilities in front of them. Without warning, Percival made a grab for the object and through it at the wall out of pure anger, his eyes full of pain and anger towards his mother and father. While the boy retreated back to his room, they both looked at each other speechless from the event that unfolded. Even though their beautiful lamp was broken, they knew it wasn't his fault. The magic potential he showed was enough to excuse him of his behaviour for now. From that faithful day, the Grays now had a clear path for Young Percival, something which would bloosom his ability and carry on the Gray name on his shoulders. From what he took from it would be up to him...