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Skyla hodson
Wizard born
Stockport, England
First year, Hufflepuff
30,7 cm chestnut wood and phoenix feather
Was originally born into a family of wizards who abandoned her , and was took in by humans,and was raised as a human before finding out she was a wizard.
She is quite shy at first,but is very determined,however is very stubborn and can be very scared to outsiders,fearing the same treatment as she got from her wizard parents.
She has silver eyes that were once blue,but have faded over time,she has blonde hair with black ombré tips and is small for her age ,her hair is long and straight and covers one eye that has a scar one .
She loves to draw and play the piano,they are her best talents which she has learnt by self teaching ,however taking lessons for piano for four years , her artwork is usually making up her own characters,people or landscapes ,she is very artistic in both ways ,and is quite creative thanks to this , in addition,is very hardworking and respectful,if deserving so that is. She never strays from what she considers is right,which can sometimes lead her to the wrong path,but she never does wrong ,despite her family being very unsupportive of her ,she is glad that her friend is supportive,despite it being completely out of reality and is fantasy to many.
The scar on her eye was gained when she was abandoned ,finding a pack of foxes which scratched her eye,but her magic protected her from serious damage.