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George Henry
13 Jan 2008
Walkerburn, Scotland
Fifth year, Broom Racer, Hufflepuff
23,3 cm cherry wood and phoenix feather
Open to owls! Contact me if you're interested in RP!

I am also Polonius Frogge, the previous school nurse.
George considers himself to be a fairly average boy, even despite his invitation to Hogwarts and the sudden upheaval of his Muggle family. He's got brown eyes, and dark hair, trimmed to some degree of order and combed to match closely with that of his father and older brother. He's curious and excitable, even more so than most young lads of his age, and has a habit of becoming disruptive if he's left too long on a single task. He pokes and prods at things which are best left alone, and stokes up little spats between himself and his friends just for the sport of a good argument. He's not all bad, however - he can be a true and loyal friend when he finds that there's a need to be.

His life in Walkerburn, Scotland had been a simple and carefree thing. Him and his brother lived with their mum and dad, dallying comfortably in peace and quiet - aside from the trouble that George and his brother stir up. During a late summer afternoon, the two boys were enjoying a run around in the nearby woods when an argument erupted over some trivial thing or another. George's frustration boiled over into the first display of his magical talent as he shook his fist and snapped off a branch of one of the nearby trees. He couldn't make it happen again until his brother called him a liar for claiming it was him in the first place - an insult which drove him just enough for him to snap off another twig which landed right onto his brother's head. This, of course, caught the attention of the wizarding community, which promptly swept in to clear the whole business up.