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Florence Higgins
Portnahaven, Scotland
First year, Ravenclaw
21,2 cm black walnut wood and unicorn hair
Florence just turned 11 on the 18th of February. She is an only child and grew up without many close friends. She enjoys reading, people watching, and looking at old pictures of boy bands from the 90's.

She is a thin girl, with a great smile and enchanting eyes. Her mother is African-American (half-blood) and her father is Scottish (pure blood); they met while her mother was studying abroad in the UK and she decided to come back to be with him after graduating college.

Her parents are generally busy with work so she spends most of her time outdoors with her closest friend Jordan, a muggle boy that lives down the street. They usually walk through town making up stories about the places they want to travel outside their little town. They also use Google to look at different places and plan their future trip. She first showed signs of magic around 5 years old, by floating the toys in her room around to keep them out of reach of Jordan. He was amazed, of course, because he couldn't do it, but kept her secret and teased her right back.

When Florence received her owl she wanted to show Jordan but her parents said that she couldn't, and tried to explain that it was a secret. She decided to text a picture of the letter to him, but her mom found out, took her phone, and forbid her from seeing him anymore. Florence was heartbroken, but would still sneak out to talk to him about what she was up to and why she wouldn't be in school next year...