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Ruka Burnett-Tân
02 Aug 2007
Cardiff, Wales
Third year, Gryffindor
25,3 cm holly wood and phoenix feather

Ruka grew up at his father's side, as a mere street performer. His father, Jon Tân, was a Muggle who had left behind his home to join the circus but had been forced to quit his passion when his one-night-lover, a beautiful blackhaired witch named Aria, dropped off a small baby boy outside his tent and left him to take care of young Ruka.
As soon as Ruka was old enough to walk and talk, the father-son duo started planning their act; performaces with fire and illusions that brough in enough coin to buy them food and warm enough clothes for cold nights and winter months. Ruka had been a hard working and free spirited kid, who loved living his life under the stars of the Irish countryside.
At 9 years of age, Ruka had first started showing signs of magic; during a street performance, his glee had overtaken him so much that small sparks of fire had flown from his fingertips and earned him generous tips from passerbys who thought it was a performance trick. His father, Jon, had immediately recognised the fire magic he had seen Aria perform the night he had met her, and did everything he could to instil caution in his son, urging him not to experiment too much with his untamed skill lest he set something on fire by accident. In the coming two years, Ruka had another few incidents of small things spontaneously combusting when he grew angry, and a thin blanket growing inexplicably thicker over a cold winter's night, but all in all he had grown a little better at keeping his emotions from overwhelming him.
He had thought that he would just have to live with uncontrolled outbursts of magic every once in a while until his letter from Hogwarts arrived and his father had urged him to go and learn how to control and use the powers inside him. Ruka was devastated having to part from his father for some time, but his curiosity overpowered his need to stay with his only family, so he agreed to leave the streetlife and study the use and means of Magic at Hogwarts.