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Fay McGregor
Beeston, England
First year, Hufflepuff
21,1 cm dogwood wood and phoenix feather
Born on 21 April, Fay is an excitable, bubbly child with a wide-eyed wonder for the world around her. She sees the good in everything even though she knows darkness lies just under the surface in life. She comes from a large, loud and loving family.

Her father, Marcus, is a wizard, an Auror to be precise, and her mother, Laetitia, a muggle surgeon. They raised her to be courageous and outgoing. They were loving and kind, with a gentle but firm hand. Their love showed her how to treat others and how to behave kindly to all she met. She tries to make them proud but fears that she will let them down because she has not shown any real aptitude in magic yet.

Fay is clumsy and although she is friendly and cheery, she has high walls to keep people from her insecurities. The girl is very protective over her family and friends, and will become very angry very quickly if those people are mocked or put in an unfavourable position.

When she was about 4 years old, she was involved in a car accident where she witnessed her older brother, who was driving, die. During the accident she was strapped in an couldn't get free. Her brother's wand rolled to the back as the car careened into the ditch and she grabbed it to keep it safe for him. He died on impact. The car burst out in flames and as the flames started to encroach the space she tapped the wand wildly with eyes closed and the doors and seat belt of the car burst open and flew off her. she was able to get away. Though she has suppressed the memories for long, she has been getting recurring flashbacks and nightmares of being trapped in fiery spaces.

Her parents grieved for her brother but were just so relieved that she had been spared that they didn't care about the way it had come about. His wand, that she was still clutching when she was found, still rests above their fireplace at home.

She dreams of becoming a healer and taking care of others but knows she has to achieve a lot before she can ever be within reach of her goal.

Tall, slight and with brown hair, that she wears in numerous different styles describes her best. She enjoys all athletic endeavours.