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Febi Parker
london, England
First year, Slytherin
32,5 cm chestnut wood and unicorn hair
Febi Parker was born in May 31st and she lives in a mansion in London with her mom, dad, grandma and 3 baby brothers. Her dad is a muggle who is a lawyer, her mother is a wizard who stays at home and cares for her children and her mother. Febi and her family has traveled to different countries including Puerto Rico, also went on a cruise. Febi was in a public school near her house where she had an excellent behavior and always succeeded in her classes, she was every teacher's favorite student. She was always happy and having fun with her friends. Her mother mentioned Hogwarts for the first time when Febi was 6 years old and she has been fascinated ever since. 

She had a pet dog, it was a red nose pitbull named Kani, it was a gift from her friend. Kani was only 2 months old when Febi started training her, she had been in the family for 3 years until one of her muggle neighbors decided to poison her because Febi's mother was a witch. Ever since that day her heart split in two, one side was filled with memories and the other died with her. She stopped socializing with her friends and developed trust issues. She realized the world wasn't all cupcakes and rainbows, she toughened up and started too see the world differently. Her mother decided to homeschool her because she was failing in her classes. Febi absolutely love's drawing and she is great at it also has a great imagination and she write's stories filled with magical creatures, mystical worlds, heroes who fight villains and mostly about her love for  Kani. 

Fisical appearence: 4'8 inches tall, medium straight blonde hair, dark brown eyes, tan colored skinn. Doesn't have friends only 2 best friends, both muggles. She does no have patience, she is very independent, doesn't like to be bothered. She will easly snap if you annoy her or do something she does not like. Always moody, but she is happy  just the way she is, she loves herself. If she likes you she may let you be her friend. Her hobby is to draw and write stories. She really doesnt like learning but she made an exception for hogwarts. She is very intrested in learning about magic. Febi has family strings at hogwarts, a cousin is currently in.